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My name is Ashley and I’m so glad that you are here, welcome to TheBestWaistTrainer.com

On this blog, I share my journey with waist training, how I lose pounds of weight, and everything else waist training has taught me.

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The Backstory - How & Why I Started Waist Training

Throughout my entire college life, I found myself to be 40 pounds overweight and tried various diets and exercises to cut back but nothing seemed to work. Moreover, the ups and downs of trendy workout plans and fad diets made it difficult for me to stick to one thing that’ll work.

From a keto diet to a paleo diet, joining a gym to cardio, I attempted everything possible to get a curvy figure like those Instagram models.

I was and am an avid fan of Kim Kardashian & her sisters and always saw her talking about waist training. She claimed the results to be amazing but at that time, I was too afraid to give waist training a try as it looked uncomfortable (call me lazy, but I’m not squeezing my organs inside that small belt.)

Fast forward to a few years, I got engaged and my wedding day was withing the next two months. There was no way I was walking down the aisle with extra layers of fat on my big-day.

I wanted to ‘shape-up’ and get a beautiful figure so that I can look at my best but with so little time left, no exercise or diet was going to help me.

That’s when it struck me to use a waist trainer. There were two most important reasons, why I got tempted to begin with waist training –

1. Kardashian sisters. After following them for years and getting jealous with their perfect hourglass figures, I noticed one thing – every single one of the sisters wears a waist trainer while working out.

And if it works so well for them, it might help me shed at least a few inches of weight off my waist before my wedding day.

2. Usability. The problem with joining a gym or diet is that you need to make time for that. With a demanding day job and out of sync eating habits, it becomes very difficult to follow a diet or go to the gym after work.

On the other hand, waist training is something you don’t have to make time for. You can do it anytime, anywhere without disturbing your daily schedule. At work, you can wear a waist trainer under a work shirt discreetly. Going to a party? Just slip it under that sexy dress and you’ll have a nice figure.

Moreover, there are waist trainers that can be worn during sleep too. So, basically, waist training does not disturb your daily schedule at all while helping you get a better shape.

Convinced, I immediately logged on to Amazon and started looking for a good waist trainer. To my surprise, there were hundreds of waist trainers each claiming to be the best.

It was confusing but after some hours of research, I decided to go with Nebility Women Waist Trainer as it looked a perfect match for me.

If I’m being honest, when my order was delivered, I was confused AF. Looking at its size, how was I supposed to fit all of my extra fat into that little thing?

To get some advice, I watched a few YouTube videos and learned a trick or two to wear it without too much pain. Yes, squeezing all my stomach rolls into a corset was the most difficult challenge.

To give my body enough room for breathing and since it was my first time, I wore the waist trainer in loosest settings.

After a couple of minutes, I actually got pretty used to it rolled around my waist and I didn’t feel stabbed or any physical movement restrictions. As recommended, I wore the waist trainer for 2 hours on the first day and I felt great.

As the days passed, I gradually increased my usage and within the first week, I was waist training for at least 6 hours a day.

To complement my efforts, I joined a gym and bought my second waist trainer to wear during exercise. I specifically focused on performing waist-cinching exercises as my main goal was to get a better-looking midsection.

After a month, I noticed several improvements in my body, as follows:

1. I was getting slimmer and lost a couple of inches off my tummy. The difference was noticeable and I got a lot of compliments from friends and family. Even my soon-to-be husband was impressed (that’s the best feeling and made me more determined.)

2. I started to have an excellent posture. Due to the nature of my job, I spend most hours of my day sitting on a chair and staring at a computer. As a result, my eyes sucked and I had a lousy posture in addition to lower back pain.

Wearing a waist trainer regularly, helped me stop lower back pain and improve my sitting as well as the standing posture. I can sit straight for hours now and that makes me more attractive and confident.

3. I sweat so much more. With more sweating, I lose water weight quickly and burn more fat while working out. I also noticed my bloating go down too.

All in all, wearing a waist trainer really helped me move in the right direction and achieve a beautiful silhouette. I wore a waist trainer at my wedding too and trust me, I looked gorgeous (at least that’s what my husband said.)

At Present - Helping You Waist Train Properly

After getting such amazing results within a short period of time, many of my friends started coming up to me asking for tips, asking for assistance with buying a waist trainer, and other waist training related information.

While I am not a women guru, I thought it’d be better to share what I have learned with not just people close to me but everyone else around the world. To achieve this, I started TheBestWaistTrainer.com to share simple yet effective waist training tips, buying guides, and a lot more.

Whether you want to buy a new corset, need help with how waist training works, or looking for the best exercises, this blog is going to help you.

Don’t forget, good things come to those who sweat!